RHCE Series: SSH and NTP


  • Configure key-based authentication.
  • Configure additional options described in documentation.


  • Synchronize time using other NTP peers.

In Red Hat 6 (and I’m sure in 5 as well), public key authentication is enabled by default, but if you’re unsure, you can uncomment the option and verify that it is set to yes.


Once that is complete. We can go to our client pc, generate keys, and copy the public key over.


Once that has completed, we can ssh to (server1) from client1 without a password, but use a private / public key exchange.

Now, let’s configure ntp.


If you want to use other peers, you can modify the ‘server’ directive in /etc/ntpd.conf. Besure to use ‘chkconfig’ to make ntpd persistent.

October 27, 2012

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