Why I will be Boycotting AT&T.

I’ve recently have been experiencing issues with my IPv6 Tunnel with Tunnelbroker.net. While doing some searching on the Internet, I ran across this forum thread on AT&T, with users experiencing the same issue.

It appears that AT&T is blocking SIT and GRE tunnels purposely – which have very legitimate purposes. After reading the forum thread, I filed a complaint with the FCC about AT&T violating network neutrality rules. I then posted my actions on the thread and listed the FCC complaint reference number – 13-C00539997.

Shortly after, AT&T removed the reference number from my post. I then edited the post and added it back. The AT&T moderator then removed it again and sent me a private message stating that I wasn’t allowed to post personal information. I replied back to her message and stated that it wasn’t personal information and that it was a FCC complaint reference number. After sending the message, I again edited the post and added the reference number back. And told the moderator, by name, to not remove the reference number.

Now, I’m banned from the thread, and I got a nice nasty gram from the AT&T moderator

With customer service like this, my FCC complaint will be for nought, as I’m just going to boycott AT&T products all together. So long, AT&T, you’ll hardly be missed.


I received another private message, this time from another forum moderator.

Here is my response:

November 10, 2013

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