pyMultiChange and pyRouterLib Updates

I recently had a request to combine the SSH and TELNET functionality on my pyMultiChange scripts, as they share a lot of code. I thought that this was a reasonable request, so I started that process today.

First off, I updated the pyRouterLib to be more pep8 complaint. Once that was updated, I tossed the library into the pyMultiChange project, for consumption.

Currently, ‘’ and ‘’ are still available, but I plan on phasing them out, after I test ‘’ more.

Here is the code of the new ‘args’ library:

Next, Here is the combined functionality of the multi change script, called

Feel free to fork it, make changes, and submit pull requests to either project. I welcome any feedback!

February 2, 2015

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The Irony of Using SDN and NFV to Study Legacy Network Technologies

I was recently asked to present at a local Network Engineering Meetup. The topic that I’m going to speak about is how I’m using KVM, OpenFlow, Network Overlays, and OVS to integrate my physical network lab and virtual network lab. The presentation can be found here.

December 1, 2014

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